References and Testimonials

I recommend David Weinstein as a highly qualified and dedicated senior technology professional. I supervised David as he fulfilled a lead Quality Assurance role on a large team under contract with the State of Utah. During this project I observed David branch out from the traditional QA responsibilities to fill a need we had on the Business Analysis side of the project. David spent considerable time evaluating complicated and at times poorly written specifications for clarity. He became heavily involved in our requirements grooming and sprint pre-planning. His efforts in this area were highly appreciated and
were of the highest quality.
     Gary Ray
     Software Development Supervisor at State of Utah (DWS/DTS)

David’s attention to detail, analytical skills and ability to quickly grasp complex business logic were invaluable for our project. His business analysis acumen was a critical component of the sprint pre-planning (grooming) process which brought often vague specs into focus as use cases (user stories) and development tasks. David also had a great working relationship with the business stakeholders which was needed to clarify requirements and give guidance on best practices for user acceptance testing and issue reporting.
     Eduard Karasik
     Project Manager, PMP, CSM – Software Technology Group

David does not shirk from the difficult technical and political challenges. In introducing a much needed, but contentious, change in our global change control processes his approach was to analyse and understand not just the technical aspects, the regional and global impacts and associated risk level, but to navigate and negotiate the difficult political waters across multiple teams and international boundaries. During this exercise, as always, he kept his eye on the ball of the foremost goals which were disciplined process and customer service.
     Chris Acton
     General Manager, Rio Tinto

David Weinstein worked for me at Rio Tinto, while we were first trying to put into place a proper change management process. David leveraged his background as a QA engineer to help us become much more disciplined in our change management efforts, designing and implementing a process that was much more disciplined while still allowing some flexibility. It was great for me working with him, as he was self motivated and I didn’t have to look over his shoulder to make sure we were making progress.
     Brad Barton
     General Manager Applications and Technology at Rio Tinto

In the four years that I worked with David I was impressed with his ability to manage both the Quality Assurance and the Change Management processes. Prior to David’s role as Change Manager at Rio Tinto, the change process was in its infancy and was not standardized. Through the three and a half years under David’s guidance and leadership, the change process was redefined, refined, and enhanced which lead to fewer incidents from change, better understanding from all about the risk of changes, and an overall culture shift.
If you are looking for a proven, driven, process oriented individual who will help your company create process around Development, Change/Release, and QA, then David is definitely worth the investment.
     Michael Perry
     Director of Technology and Innovation at AddOns, Inc. (formerly Rio Tinto)

I have been coaching David for the past six months (2012) on issues related to his career, leadership, and work-life balance. David is a very intelligent person with exceptional communications skills. Moreover, he is highly innovative and motivated as a leader, technologist, and a person. In our coaching engagement David displayed a level of commitment and responsibility that made him a great client who was always motivated to improve his situation. David is also very proactive about furthering his career, and is empathetic to the career and business needs of his colleagues and contacts. He works very well under pressure, and has a high level of technical and managerial Literacy. Based on my extensive experience as a coach and IT recruiter I would definitely rate David in the top 10% of his peers.
     Mike Sullivan
     IT Software Recruiter/Coach

David was an excellent performer within the UII (Upromise Investments Inc.) organization and received the promotion to Principal QA engineer as a result. He was highly motivated to learn and master the understanding and implementation of the sophisticated system of feeds, environments, and systems within UNIX, Oracle, and Sungard Omni that work together to create what is the Upromise 529 transaction system in order to test it effectively and find problems and verify their resolutions. David contributed to the overall success of the UII products and can be relied upon to test key product areas in both pre-release and (patch) situations under time and load pressures.
     Arthur Crotty
     QA Manager Upromise Inc.

Dave was one of those go-to type people managers love to have on your team. You want your staff to be all over the technical details, to contribute to the strategy effort consistently, not afraid to raise the tough issues in a constructive way, and always seeing the bigger picture of what they are doing. Dave naturally did all that and more at UPromise. When the inevitable roadblocks come, I’d rather be in a vehicle with someone who is already looking for a way around or over them. This is what Dave represented.
     Ed Richard
     QA Manager, Rational Software (formerly Upromise Investments, Inc.)

David was a pleasure to work with. Perhaps the most important aspect of David’s role was his input and direction with regard to the UI design and overall usability of the application he was responsible for testing — browse through the bug database and you’ll find David’s handprint on the UI design throughout his many suggestions and bugs. New users were able to easily follow the flow of the application and intuitively understand the navigation & on-screen functions.
     Jeremy Trask
     Director of Business Systems, Global Services, at PTC (formerly QA Manager, Stratus Technologies)

Perhaps the most important aspect of David’s role was his input and direction with regard to the UI design and overall usability of the iReport application — browse through the QTS issues for iReport and you’ll find David’s handprint on the iReport UI design throughout his many suggestions and bugs. New users introduced to the iReport screens can easily follow the flow of the application and intuitively understand the navigation & on-screen functions.
     Sean Foley
     QA Manager (former) Stratus Technologies, Inc.

David is a very savvy seasoned Software QA professional. He has the rare blend of understanding the requirements and testing process with a good understanding of development processes and software architecture. Through years of SDLC and QA testing experience David, is able to quickly plan and execute testing strategies and become effective quickly upon engagement. He is easily adaptable to many environments and is not afraid to learn new skills in order to accomplish a job. David is a wonderful senior addition to any software development team and can easily carry the lead quality role.
     Ganet Fisher
     Senior Business Analyst/Test Lead at Lockheed Martin Information Technology

Wow, it’s great David! Thank you so much. It’s so wonderful to have a website for my art. Already a bunch of people have seen the new site-and people are really impressed with the actual website- how smoothly it moves, (and how quickly), as well as how well it’s designed. Of course, I agree with all of them! Plus I really like the way that the whole site is set up- the layout, the color of the text. It’s pretty amazing and I feel very lucky to have a (webmaster) who is awesome at designing websites….you have such a wonderful sense of design alongside your technical knowledge.
     Sara Roizen,
     Artist / Client, New York, NY

Friday’s demonstration of the check writer system was excellent. Not only does this system enable us to meet the Department’s needs better and faster, it will also enable us to meet more of the Department’s needs. Again I want to thank you for your work on this excellent system and to congratulate you on a very professional demonstration.
     Althea Gliick, Manager
     Commonwealth of Massachusetts

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for a job well done on the 707 Tracking System. As you know, this project was critical in nature and thanks to your hard work and continuing efforts, you succeeded in developing and implementing an effective program.
     Joseph Gallant, Assoc. Commissioner for Project Management
     Commonwealth of Massachusetts