About David

This is the professional site of David Weinstein. A tested and proven Quality Assurance, Business Analysis and IT Service Management professional with 10+ years of experience who can quickly add value due to broad exposure to different organizational approaches and levels of sophistication. A thought leader with a proven track record of helping companies plan and implement quality solutions. Ability to understand and implement organization’s vision and goals, effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects, and work cross organizationally to achieve results. Detail oriented while maintaining overall perspective of project(s). Collaborative leadership/teamwork style which successfully blends critical thinking to solve problems and effective communication to engage customers, (on/offshore) functional teams, and facilitate continuous improvement and innovation.

Quality & Excellence Driven, Customer Focused.

My career in Information Technology and Software Development Lifecycle has evolved over time with a variety of different positions. The common denominator among all of them has been a drive for excellence, working to achieve the highest quality, and staying focused on customer needs and satisfaction.

Laying The Foundation

I started out creating and implementing desktop systems which captured data and reported information to a variety of different business units in Administration, Finance, and related functions. I wore multiple hats as a systems analyst, requirements documenter, programmer, tester, and implementer while acting as liaison and coordinator with business unit personnel. Without realizing it I ended up being in a highly visible position among IT and Business management and made my managers look good. These systems I felt needed to be of the highest quality and meet the customer’s requirements resulting in the highest customer satisfaction.

Building The House

In later positions I focused more on software testing and quality assurance. I still kept an eye on examining requirements and keeping the customer front and center in terms of acting as an advocate for the customer when they were not there.

I brought all of my diverse experience to a couple of positions for a mining and manufacturing company where they needed someone to implement quality assurance and related processes into their software development and IT Service Management areas. I initially worked for six months on implementing software quality assurance on a regional basis and then was asked to bring rigor and quality into the IT Service Management Change and Release processes and procedure in both regional and global management capacities for several years. As always I was an advocate and evangelist of IT infrastructure service quality and customer service excellence and value in whatever processes and forms it would be utilized and delivered.

The Mission Continues

Subsequent to that position and continuing today, I enjoy working in positions where I can meet challenges and help to bring about solutions while continuing to work for quality, excellence and customer satisfaction.


I grew up in Baltimore, MD but spent most of my teen years in Cleveland, OH and graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic High School which focused on math and science. I then attended Boston University and continued to live in the Boston, MA area for many years. In 2006 to get a change of pace, lifestyle and scenery I moved to the Salt Lake City, UT area where I currently reside. I would consider moving back to the mid-Atlantic / PA area to be closer to family.

I have always been fascinated by technology such as desktop computers, mobile and tablet devices. I am also interested in the cultural and social implications new technology has as it emerges on people and societies. I enjoy food from all over the world and am happy with simple things like pizza. I am avid photographer of landscapes and architecture and have traveled extensively around the world and the United States. The photos on this site are from the southwest such as Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

David at Snowbird

David at Snowbird